Industrial Piercing Body Jewelry For Sale

Industrial Piercing Body Jewelry

Most people love modifying their image. It is pretty common among both the sexes. Yes, body art predates modern times, and has its roots in religious and social practices of our ancestors. So have you ever wanted to get a piercing done to make a personal statement? Well, let’s regress to that ancient era.

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Body jewelry is no recent fashion trend! It’s been there for a few millennia! 3000 years back, people wore jewelry in order to accentuate both their cultural status as well as use it for their general personal decoration – the style statement of yesteryear! For instance, ear piercing has been noted on mummified pharaohs. Over time, these cultural signals of nobility have given way to statements for the designer fashion accessory business open to all. 

However, the world has moved on and ‘industrial piercing’ is a relatively new phenomenon. First timers are very confused when they hear the term ‘industrial piercing’ since a piercing is usually named after the body part where it’s applied. However, don’t feel uncomfortable or scared, since industrial piercing applied to your body is not what you think it could be! The art of the industrial piercing is to make two holes in the human body, and these modifications are typically made through the upper cartilage of your ear. Ouch! Industrial piercing involves the presence of two holes, one on each side of the upper ear, through which a small metal (usually pure surgical stainless steel) barbell, often not more than 2 to 3 inches long, is slid in and then screwed into place. Wow! It sure gives you a steely look!

A fewer number of complications would mean more work for your piercing expert! To avoid the chance of mishaps, usually most piercing shops do what they call a ‘captive bead ring or CBR’, which apparently helps in a cleaner and easier job and prevents any infections that might harm your new piercing. So, don’t worry about the initial pain in your ear, unless of course, the earache gets out of hand!  An advantage almost always comes with an attached price tag. In this case, as noted above, surgical barbells are usually made of stainless steel and therefore lack the various colors that fashion conscious folks like you would like to have flaunted publicly. 

Piercing, which is in fact a body adornment, also had religious connotations once upon a time, but I guess it hardly has any now. The Mayans and the Aztecs, two well known civilizations that lived as tribal communities, as well as the Tlingit and Haida tribes, loved to use tongue piercing both for beauty enhancement and for religious purposes. It sounds rather bizarre today, doesn’t it, but they seriously believed that the blood that oozed out during the process would appease the Gods!

Naturally, other types of body piercing have evolved today and some are done in private locations like the nipples and other more personal parts of the body. An ancient rite is today a haute individualistic, personalized fashion statement that’s called body jewelry. 



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