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Navel Rings

Piercings are becoming immensely popular with the urban youth. The navel ring, however painful may it be to acquire one, is only growing in popularity. Showing off the piercing at clubs, parties or pool sides, however have to wait for a few days after one gets the piercing. This is because the pierced area begins to hurt, gets swollen and often becomes red. To make the most of the piercing, it is essential to take good care of it.

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A stunning piece of navel ornament is the dangling belly button ring which cascades to the lower waist region, creating a stunning effect on the appearance as a whole. The ring comes in all shapes and sizes, from the simple hangings to casino and sandals. The popular ones are the Animal collection, including dolphins, geckos and lizards. Snakes, skulls, bikers, crosses, crucifix, erotic themes offer exciting variations. Chandeliers, drops, hearts and stars are always in demand in the market. A reversed snake coiled around a crystal,  a windmill with a silver chain dangling from it, a skull captive ring, a zipper belly ring are some of unique varieties of navel rings that are available today.

The dangling navel rings are made out of various kinds of material including gold, glass, steel, sterling silver, titanium, rhodium among many others. For pierced and non-pierced adhesive belly jewelery, plastic and acrylic material as well as organic material such as teeth and bones are used. The color of the navel ring can be chosen by the person getting the piercing. Venetian hand blown glass is sometimes used to create an unique variety of danglers.

To embellish the ornament, polished stones of different shapes are used. The commonly used stones are Swarovski crystals, diamonds, zirconium, amethysts, rubies, corals and pearls. The color of the navel ring can be chosen by the person getting the piercing.

In recent times, the twister and the glow-in-the-dark navel rings have gained popular appreciation. The latter is made with acrylic and other bioplasts. Navel rings can be personalized by carving on initials, names or zodiac signs. Non pierced danglers are getting popular as well.