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The Toe Ring

A Blend of the Traditional and the Modern Bohemian

Toe-rings, till recently confined to the East as an accessory, have now been accepted as a global fashion statement. Though earlier almost exclusively worn by women, toe rings are increasingly becoming a part of menís fashion as well. Technically, a toe ring is a ring made out of metals or non-metals that is worn on a toe. Commonly it is worn on the second toe. There is no symbolism behind toe rings and they often accompany barefoot sandals or open-toed heels.

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India has seen toe rings in fashion for centuries, and traditionally, toe rings called bichiya are worn by married women on the second toe of both feet to symbolize their married status. Indian men have also worn toe rings and today, this traditional fashion statement is seeing the light of modern trend.

In the West, particularly USA and Canada, toe rings are more commonly sold and worn singly. Though technically they can be made of any metal, some metals fare better than others. Silver or gold-plated silver is preferred over pure gold as gold rings can be bent under the pressure of the body. Less expensive metals too are popular. Basically, the chunky yet dainty and subtly unique look that the toe ring gives is appreciated regardless of what it is made of. They highlight your toes and make them look fashionable. If you have beautiful toes, a toe ring might be just the thing you need.

Another favorite now days is real gemstones on toe rings. Gemstones or birthstones on your toe rings will not only accentuate your feet, but also create a bold, rich look. If you want a lighter, more subdued look, plain rings are your thing. You can also look for engravings. Names, symbols like Celtic crosses and carvings look good when engraved on your toe rings.

If you are planning to spend a lot on your toe rings; you might want to measure your size. You can either download toe measurement devices or wrap a string around you toe and mark the size where it connects to the foot. Always remember to fit the string over the knuckle of the toe. You donít want your toe ring to get stuck on your toe when you are trying to put it on or take it off.

Toe rings make a unique fashion statement ,if you can carry them off well. Silver or oxidized metal rings accentuate a bold, bohemian look while gold or ornamental ones provide a demure classy look. Today, when it comes to jewelery, the statement is,the more the better provided you keep it simple. And a toe ring does just that. It brings more bling into your appearance without making you look gaudy. And especially ,if you are a man, there is no telling how much of a nonconformist look this will give you. Remember, however, to be conscious about what you are accessorizing your toe rings with. Know what looks good on you and try not to go over the top.