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Belly Chains

‘Hips don’t lie’— Pretty women the world over, whether teenager or adult, know this. You also know one of the first things everybody notices about you is your hips. And if you’re proud of your curves, you want to show them off, don’t you? So you embellish your outfit by adding a belt or a sash or even a cummerbund around your waist. Hey, pretty woman, all that’s ancient history. Today’s headline for being chic and cool: if you want your hips to be hep, move to belly chains instead.

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Belly chains are truly gorgeous. And it’s not a 21st century invention either. In Egypt, today’s audience applauds belly dancers’ swinging, curvy, belly chained hips as much as pharaohs did centuries ago. Equally, evidence gathered from frescoes and temple sculptures in the east world point out the fact that ornate belly chains around the waist were popular as early as the Indus Valley civilization some three thousand years ago.

However, all that has changed with the invention of jeans. In the modern world, you find girls also wearing belly chains with almost anything – swimsuits, low rise jeans, halter tops.

So, do you prefer both style and glamor? You want to accentuate your lower midriff, as mod jargon goes, so it’s both naughty and fun? Remember, belly chains can be of all sorts and can suit all budgets – whole silver, antimony-plated, bronze styled, gold-toned, studded with semi-precious gems, a chain of polished bead or crystals – anything! Or else, you can go in for either a dainty and delicate belly chain or one that is more ornamental with dangling pendants.

Hold your breath, there’s more! Belly chains also come with beads grouped together. Tear drop beads, hematite beads, Borealis beads or fire polished beads – the choice is yours and it’s wide. Or, pick a belly chain with swirls or connecting links. Alternatively try a chain style rope, dangling chains or even personalized belly chains.

How do you choose a belly chain perfect for that sensuous belly of yours? Easy! Belly chains come in sizes up to 40 inches and are simple to adjust. Is it your first time? Well, why don’t you get yourself a measuring tape? To get a sensible measure, slip your fingers alongside your tummy so the chain isn’t too tight. A piece of good advice is you shouldn’t ever buy chains that are too snug on the waistline, since it could lead to a catastrophic snap and tumble. I guess that’s a really embarrassing way to make your fashion statement to go awry – quite the last thing you’d want to happen! For women with curves, belly chains would look best just above the hip bone. One last tip if you’re slightly plump-don’t despair, measure just below the navel, not the hips, to find the best fit that won’t slip down.

Whether you slip ‘em over your bare midriff skin or on top of your clothes, either way they’re a scream. Let belly chains help your hips tell the truth!