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Barefoot Sandals

Let Beads On Your Footwear Make You Unique!

One of the hottest trends in fashion these days is unique and beaded footwear that can pep up any attire. Look through the magazines, DIY journals or on the net, you will find women adorning their footwear(heels and straps) with Swarovski crystals, jewels, beads and a lot of other unique things to rock a modern, edgy look.

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Are you sure you know what barefoot sandals are? I’m afraid most of you will have a skewed idea about these beauties. To have a clear idea about what exactly barefoot sandals are, how to wear them, and where to get them, keep reading.

Barefoot sandals look exactly like flip flops when viewed from above. You can even see the same beads going all the way from your toes to your ankles. Without a sole, barefoot sandals serve the purpose of decoration rather than be of practical use. A barefoot sandal reveals most of the foot (especially the toes) to view. Barefoot sandals are incredibly attractive and comfortable, especially in warm weather as well as on beaches. If you want to draw attention to your feet, there is nothing like barefoot beaded sandals. Wedding sandals should give you an idea. Beads could be made of anything- from wood to Swarovski crystals, from plastic to diamonds and pearls. Use anything, but make sure it looks good and creates the look you want.

Barefoot sandals let you feel the soft warmth of sand or the slight massage of the grass when you walk on the grass or in the garden. Still, you are not technically barefoot, and your feet look unique and classy. You can use glass to give your sandals a unique sparkle in the sun, and the admiration you will see in people’s eyes will be worth the trouble. And they’ll be doubly amazed to see that there are no soles.

The biggest advantage of barefoot sandals is that they go well with most outfits. While a thong or a bikini combined with these sandals leave a better impression of your figure, a simple skirt or capri will give a playful feminine look, and jeans or trousers will result in an edgy modern look. It is yours to decide what you will feel best in while walking barefoot with only some beads on your feet. The second advantage is that you can flout the market and create your own barefoot sandals yourself. Look for the right kind of beads and strings and go for it. Let your creativity flow.

Swarovski crystals, pearls, aqua glass or aurora Borealis beads are some beads you can use to create your own glamor icon. Use strings of steel, nylon, gold, silver or leather. Strings create the base of your creation. Once you have selected your material look for the right kind of beads you want, because it is ultimately the beads that create the result. Have fun, and you’ll end up with something creative, unique and beautiful.

Sometimes you will want soles on your sandals simply because the surface is rough or uncomfortable. Try modifying your sandals in this case. Attach beads or decorations to your flip-flops. This way you get both the sole and the glamor of beaded sandals. This might be difficult in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you will end up with an amazing footwear.