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The Huge Comeback.

With retro fashion returning with a bang this season, anklets are a super hit. When it comes to jewelry, you always tend to picture in your mind earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings and bracelets, in short, upper jewelry. Granted upper jewelry does require more attention due to the fact that it is worn on the more prominent and visible parts of your body. However, anklets, though lacking the attention people generally give to upper jewelry; have the potential to jazz up your entire look. With a properly chosen anklet to accessorize your look, there’s no telling how flattering it can look.

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If it is spring or summer, and you’re wearing a summer dress or a bikini, you can show off your anklet in its full splendor. This tiny ornament can work wonders. And when it comes to what types of anklets you can wear, well, there are endless possibilities. If you are wearing a swimsuit, your anklet can be a multi-colored neon thread, or one made of straw and beads, or one made entirely of beads. You can also wear a long necklace as a double-strand anklet. Wooden beads make a bold statement. Little tinkling bells look cute, as do heavier chunkier stuff. Let your creativity run!

Heavier anklets could be worn on special occasions. Wear them with heavier upper jewelry. During special occasions, you can match your bracelet with your necklace or bracelet to complement a flattering attire like a skirt or a dress that ends above the knees.

Wear anklets only when you can show them off. There is absolutely no point in wearing anklets if you are in jeans or pants or even long skirts. If you want your anklet to be seen and noticed, go for shorter skirts or capri instead of jeans or long skirts. If the weather does not at all allow summer clothes, then of course you can keep wearing your anklets. As for footwear, heavier shoes spoil the anklet look. Go for open-toed heels, sandals or flip-flops to get the delicate feminine look. And the bonus is that you can also show off your toe rings and pedicured toes.

What makes an anklet unique is that it is the only jewelry for the lower body that has made it to the top ten most favorite jewelry pieces worn. Toe rings are popular too, but they have not been around for quite as long as anklets have. You can also wear anklets to your workplace, where it is no longer considered an immature statement but adds to your creativity. However, at your workplace remember to opt for decent, gold or sterling silver anklets. Save the chunkier, more bohemian ones for informal use.

Anklets have a huge potential to subtly, yet noticeably alter your appearance and complement your look. They add that extra zing to your attire without being in-your-face. Look for unique anklets and wear them to stand out.